you need
  • shadows lighter shade (beige, flesh, closer to the color of your skin), preferably matte
  • Shadows medium shade (color, in any colors you plan to do make-up)
  • shadows darker shadethan previous
  • Fluffy brush for shading shadows
Apply a base under the shade, powdered eyelid, creating a matte surface on the eyes.Dial the brush some shadows medium tone.
circular motion, barely touching the century mark the boundaries of shadows at the outer corner of the eye.This should be done gently, without pressing the eyelid brush.Further, the same brush start to denote the eyelid completely, leading some brush just above the crease, from the left to the rig
ht edge of the eye.Thereby creating a base for make-up.
We take the same brush, picking at her darkest shade, a little shakes it, if shadows are very pigmented, and repeat the same procedure as described in step 2. Only this time shade shadows border shortto the inner corner of the eye, trying to focus on the outer corner, as it were, bringing color shadows just above the crease.In this step, we make emphasis on the outer corner of the eyes, darkening it.
Recruit shade of beige color on the same brush, pre-cleaned, and shaded the upper limits of shadows in a circular motion barely touching the century, leading up the color.
As a fifth step, you can use shading using a highlighter or any bright shades with a small Shimmer.Apply these shadows can be on podbrovnogo bone (the area under the eyebrow), shading it to the base color of eye makeup, which further blurs the boundaries of drawing shadows.