If you lose your pension certificate , contact your employer, write a statement to restore.Report the loss you must within 1 month (Clause 5 of Article 7 of the Federal Law "On the individual (personalized) registered in the state pension insurance").Staff personnel department of your organization to the Pension Fund will transfer your application and a document certifying the number of your pension certificate.Number SNILS Set in personal cards of employees and other personnel documents.
If you are self-pay insurance premiums for pension insurance or do not work under an employment contract, contact person at the branch of the Pension Fund of the place of residence with the application for restoration of the lost document.
Employee Pension Fund will take your application, and within a month you will be given a copy of the insurance certificate.You can get it in person or through their employer.To solve the issue of a duplicate SNILS Officer of the Pension Fund may demand documents proving your identity and data contained in the individual account.
Upon receipt of the certificate through an employer, you must sign the accompanying statement.If there are errors in the insurance certificate fill out a piece of patch.Employee personnel department sends to the FIU accompanying statements and leaflets corrections within a month.
To obtain a duplicate of the lost document by proxy you will need a notarized power of attorney.In the case of recovery SNILS for minor children entitled to receive it is up to parents or guardians.