you need
  • - cardboard boxes, wrapping paper;
  • - Despatch form;
  • - the customs declaration;
  • - passport.
sending parcel for border via mail Russia or the international postal service EMS, you save on payment of customs duties due to the simplified scheme of customs clearance.Delivery of mail carried by land, sea or air, and takes a long time, the shipment is via EMS service performed 2 times faster.
Express delivery services, such as FeDex, UPS, TNT, DHL, delivering parcels for border very quickly, but other than high fees, you need to pay customs duty.Save on shipping goods through these services may be sending a large number of items.
Before send parcel for border , check the list of prohibited goods items, such
as explosives and flammable substances, perishables, animals and plants, cultural values, media Accessibilitythreat to the security and many others.A full list of items, take the post office or the office of the shipping service.
Pack parcel so that possible damage is minimized.Fragile items Put cardboard, solids put into sealed bags, sharp objects wrap tight packaging material.Write on the sending address of the recipient, his name and surname, as well as their address data.
In one instance fill Despatch.At the international language (French or English) or in the language of the country where to send the parcel , write to the address corresponding to the one that you specified on the parcel.Duplicate address of the recipient in Russian.In a box, specify how to proceed with sending the non-delivery to the addressee in the case.Write the amount of the declared value in rubles.
in quadruplicate make a customs declaration in Russian with interlinear translation into an international language.Enter the full address of the sender and the receiver.List the declaration forwarded all items with their weight and cost.
If you are sending a parcel for border via EMS or via international delivery services, will get an invoice.As indicated in her room, you can follow the progress of shipments.
Pay required for delivery costs.Take a check or a receipt confirming the payment and send the package.