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  • alcohol and tobacco products.
Modern tax stamps are produced in Russia in 2005 - this is the third, particularly of the security issue.They made four ways to print on self-adhesive paper with security thread.Under the adhesive layer are mesh pattern and having a composition of a
t least two types of protective fibers and chemical protection.Stamps with the inscription "Alcoholic beverages of more than 9 to 25%," documented in the gray and red colors, with the words "natural wines" - in green and yellow colors, with the words "Wine" - in lilac and green tones, with the inscription "Wines, champagne andSparkling "- in yellow and blue colors, with the inscription" Alcoholic beverages exceeding 25% "- in pink and orange tones.
on the brand of alcohol applied holographic image.Excise stamps are free from images and text space for application data to be marked on their products.In addition, pay attention to the background grid and elements with transitions of color inks in these grids.
In November 2002, approved the new samples of excise stamps for labeling tobacco and tobacco products of foreign manufacture.Modern tobacco brands printed format 20 × 44 mm on the paper white with trehtonovym watermark in the form of a star with three rays.The paper contains security fibers red and green fibers glowing under UV light.The face of the entire area (except for the side bands and the central portion of the country emblem) brand shaded thin dashed lines - it protects against photocopying, and therefore, explanation of forgery.In the central part of the brand printed in black paint with a coat of arms and the text repeats the word 'Russian imports ".Inscriptions on the stamps is also made with black paint.At the top brands at the center of the frame reads "Excise stamps."To the right of the frame vertically applied to a series of marks consisting of letters and numbers.To the left of the frame vertically designation is "CIS", "SEZ" or "Import" (depending on the country of manufacture of tobacco products).Also shows the type of tobacco product - cigarettes with filters;cigarillos;non-filter cigarettes, cigarettes;cigars;smoking tobacco;pipe tobacco.