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to cosmetics, whose term storage does not exceed 30 months, have to be the date of completion term and Life .Her writing directly on the packaging of the product in the month / year or day / month / year.For example, the numbers on your shampoo 09.13 means that it will retain all of its claimed benefits only until September 2013, and the inscription on the box 20.12.2012 mineral shadows warns you that their term life expires December 20, 2012.
But the fact that the product has not expired term life , does not guarantee that, after opening the package, it will remain unchanged.Agree, you do not expect it to open cans of caviar will stay in your refrigerator, do not spoil as much as zakrytaya.Tak and it is with some cosmetics.Once you've opened them, their term life changing.On such products on the packaging write PAO (Period After Opening - The period after opening).This figure and following the letter M. 6M means that your product pass 6 months after you open the package, 12M, respectively, 12 months, and so on.
If declared term life expires before RAW with the means necessary to leave before the expiry of a specified period.That is if the package specified period 12.12, while RAO 24M, the cosmetics is not suitable for use in December 2012, and not two years after its opening.Conversely, if the term much longer shelf life than waste, it will have to part with the product, guided by the RAO.Example, in the cream Set term life 01.15 in January 2015, but its waste 6M, you opened the treasured jar in February 2013 and, therefore, in June this year, it will have to be discarded.
If term life cosmetic product exceeds 30 months, the producer must indicate on it the lot number or other code that will set the time and place of manufacture.A single sample is not here.As a rule, term life cosmetic products shall not exceed three years, and deciphering the batch number, you can calculate it yourself.
The bad news is that the majority of European manufacturers its labeling standards.For example at Chanel, Caudalie, Clarins, Christian Dior, Givenchy, Guerlain, MaxFactor and a number of other producers of the first digit of the code - the year of issue.And Lancome, Vichy and Maybelline year - this is the second letter of the year, which corresponded to the Latin A 2004 B - 2005 and so on.Lancaster first digit indicates the year of manufacture and the next - day in accordance with its serial number when the product was manufactured.The sequence number indicates the day and Biotherm, but their code represents the second year of the letter.Agree with such a chaotic system to remember the rules of the decryption code can only be for a few favorite brands.
You can use the so-called cosmetic calculators online.Just download one of these sites, select the brand of the product, enter the code and the program will decode all for you.