know where the drug abuse clinic in your city or area.Usually certificate issued municipal hospitals, but you can get it in a private clinic, as in any case it will be given to you only after visiting the doctor and delivery of all necessary tests for a fee.
If you are going to apply to the municipal drug abuse clinic for help for employment, find out whether you can assist your future place of work and write out a direction for a visit free of charge.Get directions, if possible.
Call registry clinic with your passport and the policy of compulsory medical insurance, as well as military card or registration certificate, if necessary.If you're holding has a direction to the free service, present it immediately to employees of the registry shall not have to rewrite the blanks.If not
, then they get a receipt, please contact your bank and fill in the account clinic prescribed amount.
Take a turn to the expert in narcology.Because of such inquiries are usually treated many come to the clinic early in time to get to the doctor.At the reception, a specialist behave calmly, do not tell anything about himself too much and do not fall for possible provocations on his part (and it happens).All you need to get help - a satisfactory test results.
If you behave poorly, doctor must refer you for further examination, which certainly does not suit you or, for example, a potential employer, which counts every day.Although in some disadvantaged regions any person requesting such a certificate is required to be sent to the survey, regardless of whether it causes any suspicions on her account with the psychiatrist or not.
hand over the analysis.If the results are satisfactory, you will immediately receive a certificate that do not need drug treatment.