you need
  • paper form TORG-2 and pen / electronic form TORG-2, the computer and printer
Assign a commission to inspect the delivered load.The Commission must be present at least one representative of the recipient organization.It is also possible presence of a third party expert.
representative in writing, call the opposing party who is going to make a complaint (the shipper, supplier or manufacturer).Document data representative of the call, as well as his name and credentials fit into corresponding columns act.In the absence of a representative of the opposing party in the acceptance
of the goods and the drawing up of a representative must be present competent disinterested organization.
Fill out the first page of the form TORG-2 : the name of your organization and the structural unit, details of the accompanying documents to the goods, the date of the act, the unloading of goods and other items specified in the form.
Point to the second page of the form of information about the state involved transport and packaging units and seals if they are - according to the documents, and in fact.Also indicate the number of cargo sender and actually obtained, and differences, if any.
The third page TORG-2 provide data on the conditions of storage of the goods prior to its discharge (match or do not comply with the rules of storage), data on the state of packaging and form proper check and condition of the goods (total orspot-checking), as well as other items specified in the Act, if they are relevant to your case.At the end of the third page fill in the table, characterizing the detected damage.
On the fourth page, specify the required details of the audit, a detailed description of the defects and the opinion of the Commission of the reasons for their formation, as well as the final conclusion of the committee (whether to bring a claim, to whom and in what amount).At the end of the page shall be signed Commission and a representative of the other side.The commission's decision must be confirmed by the relevant decision of the head, which also initialed by the act.
Drafted and signed the act, along with all supporting documents transferred to the accounting department for a receipt for the same act TORG-2 .Accounting of the claim involved.