you need
  • application for change of name, passport, birth certificate, children's birth certificates, marriage certificate, divorce certificate.
Refer to the registrar at the place of residence.Write a statement indicating real name, place of residence and marital status.It should indicate the name, surname and patronymic of minors and submit a birth certificate for each.As well as data on marriage (marriage certificate or its termination).
Learn about the date fixed for the receipt of a reply.The fact that employees of the registrar for the adoption of a decision takes tim
e.According to the Federal Law "On Civil Status Acts", - one month from the date of application.
Go to the Department of Civil Registry Office, you will be issued a birth certificate to the old name.Turn the document for the other, to a new name.
Go to the passport office.Present a new birth certificate, a statement of replacing passports, documents for putting all the possible marks and two photos.There will be replaced with a final passport changed his name.