you need
  • - creams two shades;
  • - blush;
  • - concealers.
identify areas in need of correction, start with applying tonal funds.If you have a round face, its central part Illuminate using highlighter, paying particular attention to the chin, cheekbones and brow ridges.Side area you want to hide, so here use the cream on the darker tone.Thoroughly blend the boundaries of the application means that the lightest part of faces not look mask.Apply a blush on cheekbones, so that a triangle, slightly elongated to the corners of the mouth.Remember that makeup should look natural, so do not take just a lot of texture, gradually add the best to meet your needs.
If your problem is chubby cheeks, the dark only corrector zatoniruyte side of the l
ower jaw.Blush apply in this case in the form of a rectangle, shading toward the temples.This way you balance the zone face and to focus on the eyes and eyebrows that are needed to make up beautifully.
visually pull the face can also use the hairstyle and accessories.For example, a round-faced girls recommend removing hair in a ponytail or bun wearing a bob haircut, which will cover the area of ​​the cheeks.An experienced master in the cabin to help you choose the right hairstyle, hair color and style.Earrings choose a curved shape or in the form of suspensions.Necklaces and chains should also be extended and sunglasses - rectangular or oval.
Reduce the amount face possible and with the help of plastic surgery.Typically, surgeons use liposuction, during which fat is removed from the area of ​​the cheeks, so the person becomes.