you need
  • - postal code, address, telephone number and the name of the recipient.
use to quickly send important letters abroad (bills, contracts, demonstration copies of printed materials) international courier services such as DHL, FedEx, UPS and others. Abroad, you can sendpackage also Russian express mail EMS.
Use online delivery tracking services that are supported by large international postal services for the convenience of customers.The site mail service, you can track all the way to the recipient of your letter of receipt number.There will be displayed all the delivery status with the time of arrival, congestion and further follow up letters to write that letter arrive at your destination and is located on the courier delivery t
o the office or the home destination, and then - delivered.
Please note that the use of such services can be different ways.Conclude an agreement with the postal service, if you constantly need to quickly send mail abroad.In this case, you get a discount on the service for a certain period, the office comes from the courier service (your call the same day) and takes correspondence.
a courier service of the postal delivery office or at any other address by calling any office of the postal service.Courier in place to execute documents, take payment and issue a check.You are free to come with the package into one of the offices of the postal service and send correspondence.Of course, in this case shipping will be cheaper.
use express mail services for sending letters to the city.Find such service simply by typing in the browser, such as "express mail".Carriers come call on the same day or on specified time and deliver the mail for several hours.Payment depends on the degree of urgency, you will learn about the amount of the order process and pay the courier delivery locally.
a courier of EMS, to send urgent correspondence within Russia.You can also bring the package themselves into one of the branches of "Mail of Russia" and send it personally.In all cases, except for the usual zip code, address and the name of your correspondent, you will need to indicate on the receipt of his phone number, no additional information is required.