Agree to the recipient where he will be easier to pick up a letter of demand.He can do it in any post office of Russia, regardless of the place of residence or registration address.
Put the letter in an envelope and seal it.Clearly, better printing, letters, fill in the line "From".Write to there own surname, first name and patronymic.Here, in the "Location", select the address.The line "To" add the name and first name of the recipient or symbol, such as "me-nots."In order for an employee of the post office issued a correspondence show a passport is not necessary.Suffice it to say, or simply called a code word.
Learn index of liaison offices, where the recipient is expected to correspondence.Do it online .Type in the search box the first few letters of the street name or place, select the region.Or specify the index in the mail, before sending the letter.
Write index of communication, which should get a letter.Sample filling a look at the envelope.At the post office there is an electronic system of sorting items, so it's important that you fill this space.
Apply the right amount of stamps.Their value depends on the distance of delivery.Specify exactly how much you need to buy stamps, post office employee from Russia or at http: //pochta-rossii.rf/rp/servise/ru/home/postuslug/autotarif.
Average lower demand letter at any mailbox on the street or in a post office.The speed of delivery will depend on the location of the recipient.
Registered letter of demand sent only through a special window at the post office.He will be assigned a unique number, in which all his movements will be tracked.And if at any stage of delivery lost the envelope, you can see exactly where it happened.