Remember that all the light increases and approaches, and reduces dark and alienates.Apply to the area around the lips slightly lighter corrector or make a few strokes with white pencil.Thoroughly blend.This will allow you to draw more attention to the lips and add volume to them.
Circle lip contour pencil to one to two millimeters above your natural contour.Too much to play for the contour of the lips is not necessary, so as not to be like a clown.Pencil take the same shade as the lipstick or gloss that you will apply.If you narrow lips , connect the line to the corners of his mouth.To outline a more natural look, blend it with a brush for the lips.
With a brush, apply a lipstick in the direction from the middle to the edges of the lips.Then take a pearlescent and drip a littl
e bit in the middle of the lower lip , to create the visual effect of a volume of the lips.If you only use glitter, when it applied also pay attention to the middle of the lower lip , adding an extra drop for greater radiance.
Permanent makeup can also be a great opportunity for you to increase the volume of lips.Moreover, with its help, you can adjust their shape.