Discover a unique code for your parcel.To track postal shipments from Germany, there is the site of the state postal service, which notifies the recipient about the shipment by email.Knowledge of cargo room will help you keep track of your parcel.
Convert the code send to the unique tracking number.To do this, please visit DHL «Track and Trace».The active field in the form (the only form field), enter the code for sending and click the search button, which is located near the active field.For example, if the package is already an export operation, then a new window will appear with your trinadt
satiznachnym code.
Learn about the seat of your parcel via the website of the State Service of Germany.In a special form of search items, which consists of two active field, enter your data.In the upper field - a unique tracking number, the lower - the date of sending the goods in the required format.
Press «Finden», which is located right next to an active field in which you enter data about the date of dispatch of your goods.After carrying out this operation in a new pop-up window will show the information, which you can find out the location of your shipment.
Calculate the date of arrival of the parcel.To do this, use the information obtained upon request at the website DHL.To date export your parcel processing center international shipments, add 1-3 business days.
Track parcel is already in your country.To this must be at least seven days after the export operation.The required information will be available on the website of the national mail of the country.