Choose darker shades for makeup.Pencils, eye shadow and eyeliner the same color visually deepen landing eyes .
to pull together a little too wide-set eyes on , using makeup accentuate attention to the nose and on the inner corners of the eyes.Emphasize dark shadows and bottom line of the upper eyelid.Spend dark stripes on the lash line.Carefully paint the outline and shadow lines of the eyelid, which is closer to the nose.Slightly darken the area around the nose and the area around the temples lighten light shadows.This will visually narrow eyes .
Zoom eyes will "cat" makeup.The effect of "cat's eyes" are making as follows: under the eyebrow apply a light shade and dark - on the upper
eyelid.Blend them so that they parted to the side and go beyond the outer corners of the eyes.Form a unique direction.Dark eyeliner pencil or draw a sharper arrow and circle the lash line.You will not only reduce eyes , but also save them expression.
you can visually expand eye contour using a pencil.Slightly below and just above the eyelids, apply a line, then carefully blend them.
If you want to emphasize the oblique section of your eyes, apply the shadow strips and place them on the diagonal.Light middle, dark sides.Good blend the boundaries between them.
Spend eyeliner on the upper eyelid to simultaneously lengthen and narrow eyes .Withdraw the line on the outside of the eye beyond.Follow the direction of the line to the side and slightly upward.The tip of the strip do a little thinner than the middle.With shadows move below similar line or a little shorter.Blend it aside.Shadows pound top liner up and away.Eyelashes cover the ink is not directly but tangentially.