Tip 1: How to find a company by name

Often there is a situation: you need to find an organization , but you only own the information about its name.This does not mean that to find a company with such baseline data is not possible.Just searching for you will require more time and additional steps.
you need
  • money online, printed catalogs organizations.
Typically, information about the organization, non-confidential information, you can get the tax office by sending a request a standard form and paying the state fee.But tax data alone, the title might not be enough, and you need to know from the company assigned main state registration number (BIN), and taxpayer identification number (TIN).
If you do not know these numbers, and you only need to know the address of the company, you can do the following: use search through the Internet.A number of official sites, such as www.egrul.ru , allow you to quickly search.There are similar regional sites.Fill out a special form available on the site, click "Find" and i
f such a firm operates and if you introduce enough information, you will get a brief statement.
Contact the help of the city, where the interest to your organization.Difficulties may arise if the city of the same name a few businesses, so it is desirable to know the location of the area, the name of the owner, or at least the industry in which the firm operates.
Look for the desired organization specialized in printed catalogs or Web sites that contain information about the enterprises of the city.Systematics is almost always carried out by industry and in alphabetical order, so finding the right organization not difficult.
situation is more complicated if the organization changed its form of ownership, location.So usually come unscrupulous entrepreneurs who want to evade taxes or hide from the court.Therefore, if you are looking organization is to resolve conflict situations, it is better to apply to court and hire a lawyer.

Tip 2: How to name the organization

you noticed that the names of some, even if very important for your organization, you do not remember?Well, not everyone thinks of the founder of a good name for your business and certainly not everyone uses the services of professional developers names - namer.It is not necessary to prevent such mistakes in the business as good, catchy name of the organization will help you attract more customers.
How to name the organization
There are four types of names:

1. actually existing words (store "Children");

2. words, compiled from parts of other words or other words (Facebook);

3. coined the word (Twix);

4. shortened / lengthened words (Dikobrazzz).
good name of the organization should be not only bright and original, it must pass the specifics of the company and not to enter customer confusion.It would be strange to name the accounting firm "open book", the name is more appropriate for a literary cafe.
Development organization name is usually carried out in several stages:

1. study of the target audience;

2. study of the competitive environment;

3. choice of the direction of work (how about the name to be expected);

4. creation of about a dozen names;

5. analysis, selection of the best.
A lot depends on the target audience.Who are the customers of your organization?Wealthy people and people of average means?What they are about age?It is important to understand because it is practically impossible to develop an original "common" name of the organization.
Check the search engines as your competitors are called.Analyze which titles are successful and which are not, what do you like and which less.As a rule, the successful organization of a successful title.
After researching the target audience and the competitive environment, you can decide how your organization's name will be at least approximately.Simple or complex?Ironically, or solid?It is easier to develop the title, asking yourself direction.
It is desirable that you come up with at least ten different names.They can be "test" - those people you know who are in the target group of the organization.As a general rule, so you can just filter out at least half of the less fortunate choices.Among them will already be easier to choose one.
If the name of the organization to develop their own does not work, you can turn to professionals.Professional Neymer work in advertising agencies or at home, the latter can be found through labor exchanges freelancers.agency services are more expensive, but the agency can develop you and the name and logo, and brand.
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