find the official site on the Internet TV company NTV .You can do this if you specify in a search engine request.
Open the home page.If you want to contact with the management of the channel, press the "TV".It can be found in the gray line at the top.
Unwind page down.Below you will see how the postal and e-mail addresses control channel.Select an address that fits your needs.As for the advertising you need to write to a single address, and on general issues with suggestions and comments - to another.You
can send both electronic and ordinary mail .Also you can ask your question in the forum broadcaster, who is also on site.
If you want to write to a particular transmission, press the "TV Program" in the gray bar.Next, locate the desired program using the search engine.The search can be for new programs at the time airing - in the morning, afternoon or evening - and alphabetically.
Open the page you are interested in the program.On many pages of Buda from the right button "Write to us".Click on the button.
You will have to fill in a field where you need to enter your name, e-mail, subject of the message and the message itself.After filling, click on the "Send" button.Thus, the TV show will get your questions or suggestions.
If you did not find the "Contact us", you can contact with the management of the program by using a common email address for the proposals and wishes stated on the page "Channel".