you need
  • - cucumber or grated potatoes;
  • - moisturizer;
  • - corrector;
  • - tonal basis;
  • - shade;
  • - powder;
  • - pencil;
  • - mascara;
  • - lipstick or lip gloss;
  • - blush.
To make always looked beautiful, it is necessary to monitor the condition of their skin.Perform daily compresses for the face and eye area.For example, the well will help the dark circles under the eyes poultice of grated raw potato or cucumber.Apply any of these compounds in the eye and after 15 minutes rinse.Due to constant skin care it will shine and make will be perfect.
daily use a good moisturizer for the face and eye area.Cream enable smooth fine facial wrinkles and will serve as the basis for a beautiful makeup well.Also moisturizer can add a little tonal framework to equalize the real ton
e of the face and make it perfect.
then powder the abundant upper eyelid to prevent rolling shadows in ugly fat line.In the area under the eyes, apply a pat of fingers a small amount of the corrector.
To run a successful and beautiful makeup and should take into account that the primary colors must be suitable for tsvetotipu skin, hair woman and her eye color.Gray, white, black and brown shades in clothes can be repeated and at the same time when applying makeup well.
ideal form considered almond eyes, so as a result of your pencil sketches of drawing shadows and shape of the eyes should be slightly extended.It is important not to forget that fat black arrows are not for everyone.To create a beautiful and eye makeup, use a soft contour pencil and blend well shadow.Try to avoid sharp color transitions.
to correct the shape of the eye and give them expression, use bright, brilliant shades of shadows.Darker, well-saturated colors shadows hide the extra volume and deepen look.
eyebrows are corrected using a brown pencil and eyelashes recommended to paint a thin layer of ink in several approaches.Each subsequent layer of mascara is applied only after the previous one has dried.
course, beautiful makeup can not exist without a well made-up lips.To make them look attractive, apply a small layer of powder and then a lipstick or lip gloss.Color lipstick is chosen depending on the make-up of all but also of where are going to go.After all, brightly painted lips in the daytime give makeup from vulgarity.
final step in the implementation of a beautiful makeup and is applying blush on the cheekbones.Use blush, the approximate shade of your skin color.