you need
  • planimetric pencil, liquid eyeliner, brush, Kaya
For starters learn how to choose the right liner.Pencil should be neither too much fat and soft nor too hard.But it should be soft to the extent that it can be shaded.If you choose liquid eyeliner guided by the thickness of the arrows that you will draw.When buying pay attention to the brush.If you are a beginner choose the best eyeliner-pen because it is convenient to use, but after some practice make-up will not take much time.
To hand is not shaking, leaning on something when applied.That arrows have been balanced, put first point at the outer corner of the eye: it is the point of designating "tails" of the future of t
he arrows.Classical arrow is drawn from the inner corner of the eye to vneschnemu thickens to an end, and its tail is looking up.
There are many different types of arrows.But we should remember that the ideal - the ones that are made according to your strengths and weaknesses.How to correct deficiencies?If you have small eyes, in any case, do not let them completely.Do not start an arrow with the inner corner of the eye and inner eyelid, do not touch (it is possible to bring a white kayalom).The best option in your case - the arrows, starting from the middle of the century.
If you narrow your eyes, your arrow keys do not need to go beyond the edge of the eye, they have to come to an end in the corners.The same goes for owners of wide-set eyes.It is desirable that the arrow thickened in the middle and tapers at the edges.
If you have large, round eyes, then to create the illusion of long, almond-shaped draw arrows, so that they go beyond the edges of the eyes and rises.The contour must thicken the end of the arrow.
Finally, owners of close set eyes should draw an arrow from the center of the age, they should thicken to an end and sharply rise.