you need
  • Citizenship Israeli or Jewish families living in the country.
To care for service in Israel, you must be a native of the country or have a permanent resident visa.Without citizenship to get the Israeli army impossible to contract service in the country is not.However, the citizens of other countries who have served in their home country, can come to Israel to undergo a shortened military service.For this purpose there is a special volunteer program.The service life on it is about 18 months, with the beginning of the course ivrita.Dlya should contact the management of the organization MAHAL, which is looking for volunteers from other countries.It is nec
essary to confirm that the candidate has Jewish roots, or consistent with the Law of Return.Representative of this program is available in all countries where has been an influx of volunteers, particularly in Russia.
After confirming the nominee will need to come to Israel for six weeks before being called to pass a medical examination.The future soldier is sent in accordance with the state of his health, combat units or to the rear.All the remaining time before the call will be organized intensive training in Hebrew.
Next, you need to be trained in parts Israel (4.5 months of military service, 1 month rear).Thereafter, the term of the service is 14 mesyatsev.Posle demobilization each soldier should further work for a year in the Jewish community of the country on humanitarian grounds as a member of the youth movement.