Guidelines when changing the shape of eyebrows personal preferences.But cosmetologists are advised to examine how such a procedure could change expression on your face.It is essential to the expression of affects the face, which looks at the outer corners of your eyebrows and then, what form they will.
You want the trust and seriousness, the outer corner of the eyebrows and the base should be located on the same line.Such smooth shape eyebrows give the face poise, intelligence, thoughtfulness and help visually expand a very narrow face.
Tired and sad expression face give eyebrows if their outer corners look down.They also visually lengthen the face.There are those eyebrows are rare.
mild surprise and mischievous expression will face if the outer corner of the eyebrows looking up.It does look a bit soft and naive.Therefore, a more suitable direction of women than men.The owner of the eyebrows looks younger and visually lengthen the face.
Note the shape of the eyebrows.It also affects the expression face .If you will add an eyebrow arched rounded shape, then it soften the face with sharp and well-defined features.They lost on a man's face with soft features.Focusing on this form, do not pull too hard eyebrows, but otherwise you get the image of the ladies of the Soviet Union of the 60s.
If you want to become expressive eyes and face - a young, however it will give eyebrows a nice "break".From the nature of this form is not given to many, but it is necessary for it to compete, becauseit is considered more fashionable, profitable, and most importantly - natural.In addition, these eyebrows can help to balance the face of any imbalances if they are not much to pull.
If you are modeling straight eyebrows, then carefully look in the mirror, becauseIf you can not bit doschipat eyebrow, it will be a very broad, while others will feel that you are looking for peace and gloomily askance.Direct brow shape is ideal for people with a narrow face type .Because of this, it is possible to visually enhance and balance the large nose and heavy chin.
If you want to take a chance and give her face an expression always surprised man, the shape of the eyebrows should be triangular.In other words, do eyebrow "house."This choice is ideal for those who have too high brow area of ​​middle age it involves muscles.In this case, this form will fit well into the general expression face .
If someone does not want to experiment and take risks, then give preference to classics.Rounded smooth brow versatile and visually alter virtually expression face .With this form, you rejuvenate the face a little bit and be able to lift the lid.