text characteristics written on behalf of the neighbors.Therefore, you will need to gather underneath the signature of at least three people.Bypass the pre-anyone who can sign this document, gather information about the apartments in which they live, write down their passport data.
Take a sheet of standard-size paper and a pen with black or blue ink.When writing contemplate the field to the document can be hemmed to the case - set aside the left-field width of at least 2-2.5 cm and the top, right and bottom - 1.5 cm.
top writeheader portion and place it in the middle.The word "data" and to whom it is provided.Name and patronymic of t
he email completely.In the address portion again write the name, initials, and specify what address a person lives, what year.
main text of the standard household characteristics begin with the phrase: "We, the undersigned" and list the names and initials of those who will put the signature under the document.Then list how the people characterized neighbors, as far as he is polite and calm in communicating what is known about him as a family man.Note whether he was seen intoxicated and violating rules of residence.Be sure to mention whether to accept the tenant participation in addressing common issues, landscaping at home, her gardening.
In that case, if the characteristic is preparing to court for a decision on parole, then let us know what the view, whether the family is able to help a person improve, to give him emotional support.
In the last paragraph, write, in which body the characteristic.Under the text of the signature neighbors put down in the same order as they were mentioned.Every signature Provide the transcript with the number of apartments or residential addresses.Walk around the neighbors and ask them to sign.Sight lyrics at the precinct police inspectors and reassure his seal housing department or condominiums.