you need
  • - your favorite, beautiful clothes;
  • - cosmetics;
  • - confidence.
Going on a date , remember the truth: be yourself - the best thing a person can do.Do not try to make an impression on the young man, trying not behave naturally or speak phrases from favorite serials.Believe me, once you are invited to a meeting , then you are like a person just be what you are.So straighten shoulders, smile at yourself and try to get the best possible enjoyment of the coming evening.
choose clothes for a date with the necessary understanding of the principle of step 1. After the situation can be very comedy: a man asked you on a date , knowing that you're a fan of sports style - this can be seen in the clothing andyo
ur beautiful figure.And you, with the aim to surprise, decided to put on a beautiful long dress.Of course, you look incredibly beautiful in a dress, but still, on the first date is dressed in the usual manner.
If you do not know where the meeting will take place , then you can safely be proud of!It also means that your Cavalier owner of a romantic heart.For travelers - a surprise best to put practical, but still, nice clothes.For example, a beautiful knitted dress or jeans and sexy jacket pipes.For such a case Put on ballet flats - will be comfortable to ride in the woods on a picnic, and the museum will look good.
In the matter of cosmetics for the first date no mystery and the more terrible.Remember that all should be wisdom - it is not necessary to use all the available cosmetics house.Align skin tone, use mascara, lip gloss and a little blush.Do not forget to wear a beautiful earrings and take care of freshness hair.It is these simple guidelines will make your look very attractive.