you need
  • - passport;
  • - application;
  • - documents confirming the available medals;
  • - documents confirming the start time in the minors during the Second World War;
  • - documents confirming the continuity and duration of employment.
If you have a medal or the Order of the feats of labor, and you've reached the age where you have put the old age pension, you can count on receiving the title of " Veteran labor Moscow region ".Also, the award " Veteran and" can be guaranteed to those who began their career in the minors during the Great Patriotic War.Only prerequisite for such pensioners should be compliance with the rules of seniority.Men continuous service is 40 yea
rs for women - 35.
If you fit into one of these categories of people, then you need to collect the documents and go to the Department of Social Welfare of the Moscow region ontheir place of permanent residence.The package of securities includes a passport (as a document proving your identity, with a note of registration in Moscow field ), an application for the title of " Veteran labor ", documents proving your existing awards: the Order or medals, documentsconfirming your employment history (employment history or service contracts).For those who began his career during the Great Patriotic War, this fact must be confirmed using the appropriate reference or archival documents.
consider your application and documents attached thereto will be within 15 days.And for a final decision by the Ministry of Social Protection of Moscow region will collect the whole fee.Once it is passed a resolution to give you the title, or refuse, the decision will be announced to you within 5 working days from the date of the meeting.
If you refused to award the title, you must specify a reason for the refusal.If approved, you will be given a certificate of the established sample.It can be obtained only by hand.And after receiving it, you can do all the design laid benefits.