you need
  • - passport;
  • - certificate of compulsory pension insurance.
document that the Pension Fund of the Russian Federation annually to everyone for whom contributions are deducted in his budget, called the "Notice on the status of the individual account of the insured person in the system of compulsory pension insurance".This notice has sections "About the insurance contributions to the funded part of labor pensions" and "Information on insurance premiums to finance the insurance part of labor pensions".Study them carefully, it is one you can learn about their transfers over a certain period.
If from the Pension Fund of the Russian Federation comes a special notification about the status of your account, or you want to test your deductions for other reasons, you can apply in person at the Territorial Administration FIU residence.For information about your individual account with the personal treatment offered Pension Fund once a year.
find the address, phone number and hours of operation the necessary territorial body on the website of the Pension Fund of the Russian Federation.Call and specify the days and time of receipt of your question, as well as who to contact about it.At the specified time, visit your Territorial Administration FIU, taking with him a passport and a certificate of compulsory pension insurance, since it is on the documents provided information you need.
If you do not agree with the information provided by the Pension Fund of the Russian Federation, please contact your employer.
In case of violation of your rights, you can protect their rights under article 15 of the Federal Law "On Mandatory Pension Insurance in the Russian Federation" from 15.12.2001 №167 and Article 11 of the Civil Code.