casual makeup

strict blue dress is ideal for the office.Support its elegance suitable makeup.It has to be fashionable, but discreet, stylish and very light.

To align the complexion select toning balm or liquid cream powder light shade.These funds go to a very thin layer, good ground dull face, not hiding the living radiance of the skin.Apply the product with your fingertips, as if hammering it.Cheeks Otten light cream blush pink or beige shades rozovovato. If you do not have time for a complete makeover, limit tone, blush and mascara - face will look fresh and well-groomed.

bright eye makeup and lips day looks out of place.For ever apply cream shadows basic c
olors - for example, ecru or blue-gray.Add a trendy bar helps dark blue mascara - it looks trendy, but not provocatively.Lips emphasize non-sticky shine a light - beige or dark pink.

makeup for special occasions

Holiday makeup for the evening dress is different from a light daily.You can choose more intense hues to complement their sequins, pearl highlights and other special effects.

Basis evening make-up - a smooth and radiant skin tone.Be sure to use a leveling base - it will create the effect of "Photoshop", removing the enlarged pores, fine wrinkles, and other imperfections.With a dark blue or bright blue dress blends bright shining face, so pick up a pinkish or lilac base, giving the skin a dazzling freshness.

Above is based on a liquid foundation porcelain or ecru color.Avoid funds with a red midtone - they will look unhealthy.Blend foundation with a sponge or brush - cream should fully merge with the skin.Transparent face powder light powder.On the cheekbones, bridge of the nose and forehead, apply a little highlighter silvery-pink or pale golden hue.The choice depends on the tone of the dress and the color of your skin and hair.

cheeks set off the pale pink or light red blush.Apply them to the most convex part of the cheeks.Over the blush is also possible to put a small portion of highlighter - makeup will look even more impressive.

Highlight your eyes - this evening make-up looks particularly expressive.On the eyelids, apply a dark blue shadows, underlining the upper and lower eyelids.Choose cream or powdery shade with iridescent silky texture.Bright shade supplement velvety black ink, applied in two layers. Do not forget the manicure.To pick up a fashionable blue dress lacquered black sapphire or stormy sky - it is beautifully set off the skin of the hands and fingers will give grace.

Lips lipstick worth emphasizing calm clean colors - dark pink, pink or reddish-beige.Choose cool or neutral shades - they are in perfect harmony with the thick blue dress.Very impressive looks with fine Shimmer Lipstick - it gives your lips volume.