you need
  • Internet access, a computer.
use social networks.There are registered millions of people around the world.On these Internet portals have a search field where entering the options human (name, approximate age, city of residence), you can see the list of eligible registered users.Among them is the ability to find your friend.And of course, social media can find common friends who may be able to suggest any telephone number or e-mail the person of interest.
Use ISQ search.In this program, so you can use the search where you need to enter the information available about the person.As a result, "ICQ" shows several users that correspond to the request.Write each message, you can determine who among them is your friend.
Go to the dating of the ci
ty, where he lived, or your friend.On such sites, again with the help of the search you can find the man or his friends.
Go to the main city portal.Such a resource is not without forums where people discuss important and relevant to them things.To find people there is often a special section.It is necessary to write a message, which tell you what you know about the person.Then his friends will be able to help you.
Buy database of telephone directories of the city, where interested people.In these programs you can find a phone number at which you can easily contact you with the right person.However, there is a possibility that ring up and have 50 and 100 subscribers that correspond to specified parameters.
Type in any search engine query containing the name of a friend, and city of residence.The results would be even minimum match the query, so you can find the clue, which will lead to the right person.
Call toll online service to find people.They are independently set of social networking, directories, and other portals in order to find the person you've requested.Are the services of many such services, but they usually provide 98-100% result.