Social guarantees prescribed by the law "On Police" and then "On Police", carried out not in full.For example, a policeman, isolated in a separate category, are eligible for housing after six months of service.And, indeed, some of them after a certain period allocated housing certificates.So ask, what about the provision of district housing in your area.According to the Interior Ministry, to provide them with housing is planned to allocate more than 81 billion rubles over the next five years.
A common practice is to contact the police to the courts where the defendant is the Ministry of the Interior and the executive.It should be noted that the positive decision of the housing problem th
rough the courts are not rare - the staff manage to get an apartment or cash compensation.Therefore, if you have the necessary experience, filed a lawsuit in court.
However, the Office noted a situation where the police, having fulfilled the resulting time and get an apartment, dismissed from the bodies.Currently, in some areas police officers are invited to conclude tripartite contracts in which parties to the treaty are the representatives of the municipality, the Ministry of the Interior Ministry and police itself.In this case, the text of the agreement details the conditions: the term of the property, in which case they become the property of the employee and on what grounds.Be prepared for the fact that such an agreement will be offered to you.
head of the agency promised that police officers in need of housing will be provided a one-time social allowances, the average value of which is 1.8 million rubles.For Moscow, this amounts to more than 4.8 million rubles., For the regions - less.It is a way out of the situation, since the construction of departmental housing goes very slowly and clearly not kept pace with the growing needs, and in some regions is not conducted at all.Refer to a statement on the allocation of monetary subsidies for housing.