you need
  • - shade;
  • - pencil;
  • - liquid eyeliner;
  • - applicators and brushes.
before a make-up without mascara , gives the face a natural shade.With foundation or mousse hide skin imperfections.If necessary, use the equalizer.
powder tighten skin tone.Use the play of different shades of powder to create the ideal image.Emphasize cheekbones with natural blush without shine.
Perform eye makeup with the use of shades of gray shadows.On the mobile eyelid and the inner corner of the eye, apply a light shade of gray pearl.Emphasize the lash line at the outer corner of the dark-gray matte shadows.Draw a line along the lashes of the lower eyelid shades darker.
When makeup with gray shadows emphasize the eyebrow pencil to tone hair, if you are brunette or brown hair.Bright, ex
pressive eyebrows make using the light brown shades.Lips nakraste flesh-colored lipstick.
make eyes expressive using shimmering emerald shades.Applicator perform precise line along the upper and lower lashes.Nakraste lips bright red lipstick.
Use a sharp pencil in black or brown to make-up without mascara .Draw a line on the upper eyelid, prorisovyvaya gaps between lashes.Blend pencil applicator.
black pencil, draw a line inside the lower eyelid above the lashes.Strongly zazhmurte to trace remained on the upper eyelid on the inside.Coat the upper eyelid moving matte brown shade.Nakraste Lips lipstick saturated colors.
Move along the upper eyelid lash line liquid eyeliner black.Carefully draw expressive direction.Nakraste lip gloss or shiny pink lipstick.
to quickly perform every day without makeup mascara , make the cabin mezhresnichny tattoo.Or once a month paint the eyelashes with a special paint.Strengthen the eyelashes castor or almond oil and soon your mind will become attractive without carcasses .