Brunettes , who have light skin and blue eyes , you must use an eyebrow pencil black, gray or blue shade, black or dark blue ink.
Brunettes , who have dark skin and dark eyes , the most suitable use of black eyebrow pencil, light green shade or eye color and black mascara.
visually enlarge the eyes brunettes help light colors: silver, beige, cream and white shades, which should be applied to the eyelids, under the eyebrows.
Make the eyes more expressive at the dark-skinned ladies will underline pearl shade, e
ye contour.
Emphasize dark eyes can be when overlay different shades of shadows.Beautifully will look yellowish-brown gamma.
Brunettes with wide-set eyes necessary to supply the inner corner of the eye contour.It should be held at the wider nose bridge.Thus, the outer corner draws unnecessary.Shadows of the darkest shade should be applied to the inside of the eye and shade upward toward the brow.
Brunettes with close-set eyes need to shade the cut outline in pencil, from the middle of the upper and lower eyelids, and following up the outer corners of eyes.Shadows in the area of ​​inner corners of the eyes and nose, apply a very light, and from the middle of the eye - a darker color.Recent shade you need shade upwards and away.
Brunettes with narrow eyes must be optically expand.Make them visually more can use the contour pencil: Otten upper and lower eyelid, retreating a bit from the ciliary edge, and then gently blend the line.
brunettes with "falling» eyes - quite a sad expression on his face.And to their visually "lift", put the shadows near the outer corner of the eye.Then draw a contour line on the upper lash line.It should protrude slightly toward the temple.Also make parallel to the bottom liner.The most striking accent color from the use of external corner of the eye.