you need
  • - tonic
  • - moisturizer
  • - foundation
  • - compact powder
  • - blush
  • - eyebrow pencil
  • - eyeshadow
  • - eyeliner
  • - mascara
  • - lipgloss
to make up on disco , before the makeup necessary to prepare the skin.For washing is better to use boiled or mineral water.After drying, the person can wipe it with tonic and then apply moisturizer.It is advisable to already know what type of your skin.If it is oily, then instead of moisturizer you can use a special cream matting that will regulate the sebaceous glands.
When the cream is fully absorbed, you can apply a light foundation.It is necessary to make the complexion uniform and hide some errors skin.Easy - because your skin needs to breathe.Surplus funds tone you want to remove soaked face cosmetic sponge or cloth.Be sure
to bring a compact powder, which help to eliminate the shine of the skin after intense dancing at the upcoming disco.
After the tonal resources are applied blush - a flick of the brush blush underline cheekbones.For young girls are best blush peach or pink.
For expressive eyebrow makeup must be emphasized.If nature does not reward you elegant eyebrows, light strokes with matching natural eyebrow pencil line you need to paint on his brow, making it more precise.The main thing in this case is not to overdo it, otherwise the person will look like a doll.
Beautiful make up on disco can any girl if she knew some of the rules of the evening eye makeup.First of all, you need to decide the color of eye shadow.Of course, he should be in harmony with the color of your clothes.Fortunately for disco evenings will be green, purple, deep blue, black and silver color shades.
bright shade should be applied to all of the upper eyelid.Then, on the outer corner of the eye applied dark shadows that are carefully shaded to avoid a sharp boundary transition tones.If you want to expressive eyes, they need to bring a black pencil or eyeliner on the lash line, the head of the arrow a little further above the outer corner of the eye.
disco suit black mascara, which will complete the eye makeup.In order not to detract from the expressive eyes, her lips are best applied lip gloss pastel or transparent.
And then - the matter of your taste and imagination.Various sparkles, stars, earrings and other jewelry in moderation will give your image a highlight and disco chic.