Before taking action, try to talk with restless tenants personally.Sometimes people are not even aware that their entertainment disturb others.At the same time you will know who it is noisy.In apartment buildings sound is a most peculiar way, and it may be that break the silence are not the ones who you think.
Find out if the noise interferes with other neighbors.Maybe they just suffer in silence.Then obtain their agreement that, if necessary, they will confirm the fact of repeated violation of silence.
Noisy neighbors are not willing to listen to your requests while continuing to include loud music and organize night parties?It is not necessary to go to him with exhortations - is not only useless, but also dangerous
, because the parties do not usually do without alcohol.Why do you need to find out the degree of adequacy of drunk tenants?
simpler way - in the midst of a party, call the district department of internal affairs (police station).If you do not know your phone number, dial "02" - there prompt or respond independently.Ask to deal with violators of the night silence.Usually, the police respond quickly.Please note that conversations are recorded.Therefore, if you are denied care, insists.Be sure to introduce yourself, call the number of your apartment and the apartment number of violators, as well as the intercom code.
riot police arrive quickly.But influence noisy it can only if it will open the door.If it does not, ask to file a report about the call and reassure its signature.
Find out opening hours of your precinct and its location.This information can inform and arrive at your call outfit.In the near future, go to the district and serve notice of infringement of silence.The statement drawn up in free form.Be sure to note the repeated night-noise measures taken by you on urezonivaniyu neighbors fact call the police, as well as the fact that your statement ready to join the other residents of the apartments.
If the district refuses to accept the application, ask to explain the refusal in writing.This is usually enough to objections from him were dropped.Explain that you are willing to help and arrange where you can find out about the results of operations of the district.Remember, you must work together, only then you will meet with success.
divisional task - to hold violators of the conversation and explain to them the incompetence of such behavior.If his actions did not have much influence outcome, write a statement to the district police department, and if need be, and the higher organizations.The main thing - perseverance.For each new application attach a copy of the previous and the text sets out all the measures taken by you on the subject.Do not interfere, and a statement to the district prosecutor's office.
next stop may be a court.Refer to the District Court at the place of residence with a claim on the Suppression of infringements on the part of your neighbors.It's almost a win-win deal, neighbors provided a fine.First, a small - up to 500 rubles.However, all subsequent violations of silence will be regarded as malicious repeated violations.The fine is doubled.As a result, hard-core hooligans can expect an action for eviction.But before that, it does not normally reach.Most give up at the stage of discussions with the district and the first penalty.