you need
  • - a large round brush;
  • - allergenic wet wipes.
It is very important to choose the right shade of blush.It should ideally be combined with the natural color of the skin and be close to your natural blush.Universal color, suitable for all, considered the natural warm colors such as light brown or peach.Keep shade of blush combined with the overall color scheme of makeup.
Dry blush on the cheeks look more natural, but for the application you will definitely need a large round brush.Before you apply blush to the skin, shake off the excess amount.Remember to clean the brush, use of wet wipes.
Crumbly blush should always be applied in only one direction.Movement should be directed away from the center of the face outwards.If you have done too much money, you can correct this
deficiency by using powder.
gel or cream blush - more resistant compared to crumbly, but the application of these rouge requires more skill.Apply blush such fingertips.Put the three points in the direction of the highest point of the cheekbone to the middle of the cheeks and blend thoroughly in a circular motion.Be careful.If you overdo it with the application of blush, you would have to completely redo all the makeup.
correctly applying blush to help correct the shape of the face.To face looked wider, apply blush from the bottom up and carefully shaded their eyes at the level of the pupils.Line emphasize cheekbones blush , darker one tone, as if drawing the letter "C".
If you have a square face, apply blush towards the temples not only cheekbones , slightly darker tone put on the line of the lower jaw below the ears.Thoroughly blend.
To narrow face blush shade from the middle of the cheeks to the ears.At the highest point of the cheekbones set point shimmering blush .To define it, smile.Most salient point is the right place for you.
not apply to the highest point of the cheekbones dark blush, it will make the person visually flat.The darker tone is applied under the cheekbone or for them, closer to the temples.
not limit the application of blush only cheekbones .To unleash the full potential of the cosmetic product, you can apply them on the chin, on the forehead and even earlobes.This will make your face more harmonious.