Depending on the shade of green eyes choose the right shade: daily makeup perfectly suited soft tone palette of brown, golden and green matte color .Base under the eye makeup is made in grayish or peach varieties.Evening makeup brighter, so stop your choice on a lilac-purple tones and metallic colors.Do not apply to eyelids shades of blue and blue - the colors of not for you.Carefully use the pinkish shadows, as they can create the effect of tear-stained eyes.
On the upper eyelid, apply a light base basis - the shadow can be frosted or pearl, depending on what the visual effect you want to achieve.The lightest shades of the selected palette cover the inner corner of the eye and bring a broad line until mid-century.With th
is part of the shadow will gradually thicken - use the darkest shades.Eyeliner should be performed either in one color with the basic tone of makeup, or brown colors - black eyeliner creates too bright and unfortunate contrast with green eyes of.You can also use a charcoal pencil.Formal makeup is suitable pearl or gold eyeliner.The lower edge of the eyelashes treat in the same way as the upper eyelid, that is, draw a line, which is then blend well.
nakraste lashes.The black ink used is undesirable, it is better to take a dark brown color and rich gray - they are more suited to the soft color of their eyes.Paint such eyes best soft, calm of color, because they balance even the cold shades of green color .
Consider the most successful combination of colors for green eyes.If you use a shade of purple, the color depth of their can set off the smoky or dark-chocolate scheme, applied to the outer corner of the eye top and bottom.Make-up in brown tones is better not to mix with other colors of - just try to trim the light and dark colors in this palette.Pink shade are good as the main color , and emphasize their zest to help green or dark purple eyeliner.