you need
  • - completed application form;
  • - a passport, if not lost;
  • - a certificate of residence registration (if your passport is issued not by place of residence);
  • - 2 photos;
  • - documents proving the grounds for the replacement passport if relevant (eg, marriage certificate if you change your name);
  • - documents for affixing the stamp in the new passport (military ID card, marriage certificate, children's birth certificates);
  • - receipt of payment of state fees.
application form for issuance of a new passports you can get in the passport office housing department of the place of residence or temporary registration or download on the website of the regional administration of FMS, fill in on computer, print it out and sign it.You can also fill out the application on hand at home or directly to the desktop or the passport division of the FMS.
The site of regional management of FMS are available for download as a receipt for payment of state duty, there can also specify their size depending on the situation.Help in this respect as in the passport office, division and FMS branch of Sberbank.
color or black and white photo "passport" (35 by 45 mm from the front on a light background), you will in any studio.
Prepare documents on the basis of which to make a mark in the passport: a military card, marriage certificate, birth certificates of children.
If the passport is changing due to change names or gender, need documents proving this circumstance.
When handling do not take the place of residence the document on residence registration subject to availability.If not, no big deal: you must give the passport and the place of treatment.
If you are applying for a residence, a new passport must be ready 10 days after their adoption.In other cases it is up to 2 months.