therefore agree that the school is better to go without makeup.But any rule is not without exceptions.The facial skin in girls high school sometimes leaves much to be desired, in such cases, they are trying to hide some flaws with makeup.It must be remembered that all the means that you use should be based on natural, non-allergenic, and have light colors.
make-up for school can be accurately applied using a tonal framework, which should pick up the tone of your skin.
Today it is fashionable to use eyeliner, but most likely it is cosmetics for adults, and if it is done in black, then visually makes you older.If it really wants to use eyeliner, better to choose brown and waive any shadows so as not to spoil the overall impression of makeup.
Going to school, from the use of powder reasonable to give all, or at least to put it on the moistened face cream.
Day make-up must be absolutely imperceptible, to achieve this effect is not so simple.If your natural lip color is bright and juicy, try not to use lipstick as long as possible, no lipstick will not replace the natural beauty of the lips of the young beauty.But not everyone can have the cherry lips from nature.Young girls with a pale lip color is recommended to use a transparent gloss, bright lipstick to tone the skin and invisible lip liner.
better if mascara is brown to do makeup for school less catchy.Black mascara too visible and not very suitable for young girls.Apply mascara very carefully, it is desirable, excessive paint looks sloppy, and just can spread across the face at the most inopportune moment.Think twice before applying cosmetics on your delicate face, 90% of beauty - a healthy and young skin.