advance purchase false eyelashes in any perfume shop or beauty salon.Buy such beams eyelashes that are right for you.Choose the length of which would like to have - short, medium and long.Immediately purchase a special gel, which you will capture the false eyelashes .
If you bought bundles of the same length, then after the building give them a desired shape using ordinary scissors.
Since you're using a special gel based on natural resins, it allows you to not worry about the occurrence of allergic reactions.Such gels firmly fixed lashes remain completely visible on yo
ur eyelids.
In this eyelash bunches are glued to eyelids close to your lashes.Before the beginning of wash, carefully remove all traces of makeup and degrease eyelids special means.
beams Always apply in a strict sequence.Start with very short (from the corner of the nose), then use the medium and long cilia.It is best to use tweezers for eyebrows, then you can easily grab the beam, lightly touch them to gel and effortlessly commit him to his century.Take your time, as the case requires no hurry to cilia looked very nice, smooth and natural.
Accrued manner lashes are not afraid of changes in temperature, water and direct sunlight.But not be further applied to the eyelids fatty cream, as they are able to destroy the gel to which your glued beams.
Remove lashes you can own at home using a standard olive oil or use the help in the cabin.
To lashes last you as long as possible, you should not use the sauna and it is recommended to sleep only on their backs.