Start by cleansing the skin.Let your face shine with happiness.Get rid of pimples.Apply to the problem areas of wipes and within five minutes, remove them.Help refresh your skin hydrating mask.Apply to cleansed skin and wash off after 10 minutes with warm water.
Follow disguise under-eye circles.Instead of correcting the basics, use the cream into the brush applicator.He is absolutely not visible on the skin.Bending eyebrows emphasize brown pencil, after giving them a neat shape brush.
to the effect of "open eyes" blend under the brow light shade (white or beige) - shadows in brush applicator exactly fall and crumble.Shadow pencil wi
th a brush is very convenient: emphasize the shape of the eye and "shade" the mobile eyelid, making the outer corners darker.After application do not forget to shade shadow pencil lines with a soft brush, making as much as possible a smooth and natural transition from dark to light areas.Tint eyelashes lengthening mascara.
Align complexion using silicon powder.On the higher ground of cheekbones, apply a slightly matte blush to create a pink background.With the help of blush can make the skin more fresh and radiant.Use beige tones and not too bright shades of coral.
For the lips, use a two-way loop pencil having a slate of different shades of the same color.The darker tone to accurately delineate the shape of the lips.Lipstick on a lighter tone circuit, apply with a brush (many pencils for lips combined with a brush).At the final stage of the outline with a pencil to deepen the corners of her mouth, and lighter shade to highlight the center of the lower lip to make it optically more plump.
completing make-up and wearing a favorite dress, do not forget the so-called zone of "T" (forehead, nose and chin) to make a special napkin for a person to not appear greasy.