Inquire.Information about Useful phone numbers should hang in every house entrance.Also, data from the address (or phone), the management company specified in the receipt of payment, usually the "information line".If your home in charge of managing the company is likely to have its contacts on the Internet.But sometimes it is difficult to find housing office as if it were a treasure to treasure.On the receipts are often only indicated the number of housing department, to search for the address and phone number you have to yourself.Ask your neighbors, ask the cleaner or janitor or nearby your home.Perhaps he knows the address pensioner from a neighboring apartment.Sometimes thi
s is not enough.
Call reception in your area or municipality.Ask the deputy chief of housing and communal management.Try to clarify phones his secretary.If it does not, contact the REMP (likely to take you there and forwards).The REMP will find at the company, which is engaged in your home.What if you do not help in these instances?
Go to the Settlement and Information Centre (ICC or in some areas) - where the phone should be fine.Pay attention to your problem media.There is nothing worse than a reprimand.If you write about your problem in the newspapers or on TV talk, housing department response is likely guaranteed.It is also the easiest way to find your municipal administration - go to the official portal of the city, free local call in help or contact a single duty and dispatch system of housing and communal services in your city.If you do not know the free phone help your city, as an option, you can see the weekly social newspaper - there just specify your phone.