Tattoo be called shallow tattoo, he holds up to five years. Tattoo allows you to adjust the shape of eyebrows, lips, mask the scars and other skin imperfections.Technique is a tattoo needle penetration in the epidermis and dermis border.But if you do not like the tattoo, or it is not suited to your face, you can clean it up.Do it better in specialized clinics, since this procedure is complex, in addition it affects the health and beauty of your skin.But we need to be prepared that after all the procedures can remain scars.It all depends on the skill of your skin and features.
tattoo removal may take 2-3 sessions.The doctor will determine how many sessions you will need.Now there are modern laser technology that can co
nduct the removal of a tattoo eyebrows, eyelids, lips tattoo removal and other elements of permanent makeup and tattoo on his face.In the process of laser removal of a tattoo on the lips or the eyes, the pigment dye is destroyed energy flow.If you are afraid to experience pain during the procedure, then there is no reason to fear.It is completely painless and effective.
After the procedure lubricate the skin two or three times a day with a solution of potassium permanganate.A week later, you can start applying cosmetic cream has a softening, moisturizing and regenerating effect.It is easy to fit children's cream with plant extracts.Also be careful while taking a bath or shower.Do not allow direct contact of the skin with water.And to avoid sunlight.Go out, cover the skin area, otherwise you may be formed spots, but it's not exactly you decorate.