Any Embassy letter component on the national language of the destination country or internationally - English.If your skills are a foreign writing is poor, have someone who knows the language to help you.The style of presentation should be as clear, concise and clear in the text should not be grammatical errors, as their presence will make a very bad impression about you.
almost every case, there are patterns of appeals, which can be found on the Embassy's website.If desired the sample is not there, write a letter in free form, subject only to the general requirements.In the upper left corner of the date the appeal, and then specify the name and surname of the person to whom you write and post.Then enter the address of the embassy in the following order: street, house, c
ity.Text of the letter to start treatment, for example, "Dear mr. Smith".
With the new line clear about their request or describe the problem.After the text put your full name and surname, enter your full home address and contacts, such as phone number or email address.Also be sure to be present your personal signature.If you write by hand, the text should be as legible.Remember that if you do not record your full name and mailing address forgot to specify the index, the an anonymous recognize and respond to it will not be, even if you put your contacts in circulation.
Send a letter to the postal or e-mail embassy.Check it on our website.For example, the address of the Embassy of Portugal as follows: Secção Consular da Embaixada da Rússia
Rua Visconde de Santarém, 57
1000-286 Lisboa.
Usually, complaints of citizens are considered fast enough, but if the issue is very complex, you can wait for a response within 30 days.Embassy staff may also contact you to ask some probing questions, so the letter is better to specify the mobile phone number and a time when you can call.