to track your registered letter or parcel, be sure to save your receipt, which you gave the employee of the post office in the administration of the parcel.In it there is a mail ID that will allow you to track the whereabouts of your parcel or letter.It consists of a 14-digit number, for example 124347 (80) 27243 6.
then go to the official website of "Mail of Russia┬╗ - "& gt; . SelectSee "Services", then it is a subsection "Tracking mailings┬╗ - . Enter your email ID in the appropriate field (no spaces or brackets, just numbers). This will display a spe
cial table, which will be visible to the location and status of your parcel or registered letter. Non parcels at certain stages of movement are entered and stored in a uniform system of control and accounting at all post offices. If correct, the number of your departure, you can see the entirethe story of his movements, such as the city and the warehouse where it is at the moment.
Register online - is a very convenient service tracking.After registering, you will be able to track your parcel at the post office in Hong Kong, China, US, Russia, Ukraine, Germany, Kazakhstan, Thailand, Poland, Great Britain, France, Austria, Korea, Singapore, Japan, Taiwan.The path to your letter or parcel shown on a special map.Location information will come to you by e-mail or SMS to the phone when you connect a special function in the settings.
call a special telephone number 8-800-2005-888, if you have any problems or questions.It works referral service "Mail of Russia" around the clock.