Refer to the neighbors of the man in person or send them a written request for assistance.Do not forget to indicate the reason for your treatment, as if this man has long lived in this house and is in good standing with those who live with him, surname , it name and patronymic you do not inform even talkative grandmother.However, you can go to the trick and ask first, where the person works, residing at such an address.This question is much easier to get an answer, and in addition, you will have an additional opportunity to apply the place of work of this man and his colleagues have found that you need.
Find out who owns the house where the man lives, and seek for help in condominiums or housing department.You w
ill not refuse the request, too, only if you bring a good enough reason his conversion.
You can also directly contact the local administration with a written request, as information about the people living in the relevant area or city must be contained in many documents of the self-governing bodies.Enter your request in the name, address, passport number and the reason for treatment.
Contact FRS EIRTS or if an apartment or house, where this man is in private ownership.Make a written request for the extradition of your information from the register of owners of property by a known address and you will pay a state fee for the services of employees of the Registration Service.
If you know that this person is engaged in business activities, contact the district department of the tax inspection for EGRIP or extracts from the register, which will be given his name, name and patronymic .
If you have enough money to pay for a law firm or a private investigator, ask for help to them, provide all the information you have and wait for the results of their work in your case.