you need
  • - a statement of the theft;
  • - request for restoration;
  • - four distinct color or black and white photos;
  • - receipt for payment of registration fee.
To declare stolen passport, you must apply to the internal affairs agencies in your area.Write a statement in which specify where and under what circumstances was stolen passport.Police will issue you a ticket, notifying that the message about the incident reported.Once you get this card, your passport will be automatically invalidated, and the attacker would not be able to use it for any purpose.
After registering the incident be sent with the voucher and the necessary set of documents to the Office of the Federal Migration Service of Russia in your ar
Arriving at the Office of the Federal Migration Service of Russia, write an application for the issuance of passports of the established sample.To present all the necessary documents to obtain a temporary license with your photo, which will be the official replacement passport within the next month - just in time for the law, made a new passport.If the manufacturer of your passport, for whatever reasons, can not take place in due time, at the end of the month it is necessary to extend the temporary certificate.