you need
  • - passport;
  • - money on postage.
Select the service forwarder.You can seek the services of Russian Post.International postal service EMS will forward parcel faster, but this service will cost you more.Express delivery services forwarder important documents and other correspondence.To send a parcel through Russian Post, you need to go to the post office, engaged in international poisonings.Some services, forwarder can provide courier services, which will come to your house and take the package executed .
see a list of items prohibited for carriage.These include perishable food, weapons, alcohol and tobacco products, flammable and hazardous substances, cultural values, etc.A complete list of
items can be found on the websites of services involved in the delivery, or read about it in the office of the Russian Post.
Pack forwarded items.If you decide to use the services of Russian Post, the package sending better in the post office.You will be given a special box or bag.Small objects weighing up to 2 kg can be sent small packets larger - draw by post or parcel.Each delivery service has its own restrictions on weight.Russian Post delivers parcels weighing up to 20 kg.For items not damaged during transport, take care of the protective bag or paper.Packaging should be transparent to the customs officers, if necessary, could consider the contents of the parcel.
After packing items refer to the occupant of the shipment.He weighed parcel and determine shipping costs.If you send several items, make a list of them.If you are sending a valuable parcel , enter the approximate cost of trafficked objects.
Fill in the address neat and legible handwriting.Be sure to specify the correct index.Complete information about yourself, for this you need a passport.
postage prepaid to find an employee tracking number that allow you to track the movement of the recipient or sending to the destination.