Prepare the necessary cosmetics, decorative cosmetics and related accessories.From cosmetics you need a day cream and thermal water (or its equivalent).From cosmetics take the foundation, powder, bright pearlescent shade of white or yellowish-pink color, blush pearl with small particles of two shades of the same color.To apply makeup better not use those accessories that come with the makeup and have a special brush.
Apply face his usual remedy for daily care of the face and let it soak.For best results, you can easily "drive" it into the skin with fingertips.This massage improves blood circulation, increase skin tone.
brush, sponge or fingers, apply on face foundation and blend it well.If you are using are not easy tonal fundamentals (fluids) and denser means, apply foundation with a sponge wet or dry, as it will lay down a thin and even layer.Be careful not to leave a clear boundary line between the tonal framework of the chin, neck and hair roots.If necessary, corrector mask imperfections of the skin.
broad brush, apply a dry powder on the face of all (and neck if necessary).Dusting is performed to align the final tone of the face, so do not overdo it especially with the amount of powder.
Irrigate face thermal water or the like from a spray.Keep it at a distance of 15-20 centimeters from his face.Try not to fall on the eyelids and skin around the eyes.Remove excess moisture short movements sponge or hands, it does not move the skin, not "smeared" the moisture, so as not to damage the layer superimposed makeup.
The top edge of the cheekbones and the middle of the forehead emphasize light shadows (but do not overdo it - you do not paint the cheeks and forehead, and create a small light glare).Mix at the end of the brush for blush slightly pearly white shadow and light tone blush and apply them to the cheekbones protruding part.
under the cheekbone, apply a darker shade of blush, blend the border.Designate the same shade contours of the face, brush walk on the jawline and hairline.Borders carefully shaded.Excess blush and shadow whisk general clean brush.