So just get a passport and opened it to the first page, you will see the Russian coat of arms and the inscription "passport of the Russian Federation."No data on this page you when filling in the documents do not need, so move on to the next one.
top of the page you will see ten.They are divided in a certain way: 2h2h6.The first four digits - a series of your passport.The other six - number.Iewhen filling in the documents you'll need to write so:
Series: 12 34 (write a series)

Number: 123456 (write your number).
series and number are listed on other pag
es of the document, but they will be no longer at the top and at the bottom of the sheet.
Now turn your passport so that you can read everything that is written on the page.It provides information about who and when issued your passport.Here you will learn that it is issued by the Department of the Federal Migration Service of your area in your city.As the date of issue: the date, month and year.Sometimes when completing documents required in addition to these data also indicate the department code that issued your passport.This code consists of six digits separated by a hyphen.
now looked down below, on the next page.Here is your photo and information about you.Your surname, first name, sex, date and place of birth.The data you need to know by heart.
page 5 has information about your registration.On page 13 in men is a note about the performance of military duty.Perelistnite to the next page to get information on your family status (if you have something to write, of course).If you changed your passport (due to the name change, or upon reaching 20 or 45y.o.), then on page 19, you can find information on the previous passport (his series, number, department code and date of issue).