Russian Post

Contact your nearest post office (a list of addresses you can find on the site of St. Petersburg AFPS).In a special form for telegrams specify the exact address of the recipient's last name, first name and patronymic.Legibly write the text of the telegram - it will help to avoid distortion of the meaning of the transmission.Do not use punctuation marks can be used instead standard abbreviations ("pt", "PTA", "vskl").Specify the return address.If a telegram greeting - mark this.You can select a sample congratulatory form of the samples available at the post office and specify the code.But ther
e is no guarantee that the post office at the place of delivery are available forms with such a pattern.
Telegram by telephone

you can without leaving the house, send a telegram by telephone, using the service "Telegram on credit" of the St. Petersburg branch of "Rostelecom".To do this, you need to dial 8-126 number and dictate the operator to the recipient's address and the message text, if necessary, pointing out that it is necessary to use congratulatory form.This can be done at any time of the day - the service around the clock.The bill for communication services you receive at the end of the month, along with the phone bills.
Telegram via the Internet

There is a fairly large number of companies receiving telegrams via the Internet.To use them, type in a search engine "telegram via the Internet" and choose the company with the rates and the method of payment that suits you.Typically, the cost of these telegrams is much higher, and can pay for them, "e-currency┬╗ (WebMoney, Yandex-money, etc.), transfer from the account of a credit card, or via SMS.