you need
  • - cleanser;
  • - tone cream / fluid;
  • - powder;
  • - blush;
  • - gray shadows;
  • - eyeliner;
  • - black ink;
  • - a neutral lip liner;
  • - lipstick or gloss.
Clean the face of the means appropriate for your skin type - water, tonic water or milk.Now you need to protect your skin by using moisturizer or makeup base under .Basecoat makes the face smoother.Apply concealer or fluid, his tone pick up, focusing on the neck skin tone.If you are concerned about the dark circles under your eyes, use a masking pencil lighter than your skin color.
large round brush, apply a loose or, if not in the purse, compact powder.By this action, you commit the foundation and will attach matte.Excess powder can be removed with a brush or clean the fan salfetkoy.Rumyana take a dull matt - with
them very easy to overdo it, so it's best to choose a delicate shade that does not contrast with the color of your skin.Apply blush on the cheekbones protruding parts.Thoroughly blend means a light touch of the brush.
Spectacular smoky eye makeup goes out of fashion, so to master its execution is necessary.Purchase a soft black, gray or brown pencil and draw them closer to the line of thick lashes.Blend eyeliner special sponge at the other end of a pencil or a brush for makeup glaz.Perlamutrovye shade and smoky shades put on all the upper eyelid, making a gradual transition from dark to light - the darkest tone at the lash flows into a light veil from his eyebrows.On the lower eyelid, apply a dark shadow.Carefully paint the black ink all cilia - that you complete eye makeup in the style of smoky eyes.
lipstick or lip gloss will lay hold on smoother and last longer if you use gentle peeling, designed specifically for the skin of the lips.Select a tool to makeup and lips, which is not causing your allergies and dryness.Remember that bright saturated color of the lips is only suitable for evening or festive make-up well.If you do focus on the eyes, lipstick or shine, choose a natural hue without sparkles.Lip pencil, if you choose to use it, take a neutral - only to lipstick spreading throughout dnya.Takim way, you make a quick and beautiful makeup , which successfully again at any time.