Tip 1: How to apply eyeliner

make up eyes look more expressive, attractive and even sexy.In order to draw the eye, you can use a cosmetic pencil, liquid liner - it is called a liner, and ordinary shadow.Each method of applying eyeliner has its own nuances and benefits.
you need
  • Eyeliner
  • Sponge
  • liquid eyeliner
  • Brush eyeliner
  • Eyeshadow
pencil eye sum afterdrawing shadows, but how to make up the lashes mascara.Pencil lines are thicker and softer.Check that the sharpened pencil, draw a line on the back of the hand to make sure that the wood of the pencil is not scratched gentle eyelid.
Cover your eyes and pull the skin of the upper eyelid to the outer side to side.This will make the eyelid flatter and smoother eyeliner will inflict.Begin to pursue a line on the inside of the eye to the end of the century.If you want to enlarge the eyes, with the help of eyeliner, start drawing a line from the middle of the eye.Special soft sponge, which is usually located on the other side of the pencil, smudge eyeline
r.If there is such a sponge, use a soft sponge very edge.Pull the lower eyelid down and put eyeliner on the edge of the mucous membrane of the century.Make sure that your hand does not tremble, not to fall into the eye.Similarly, apply eyeliner on the other eye - check whether the symmetrical line?
liquid eyeliner can be applied before applying the shadow and after.It retains the more precise and fine lines.If you want to make a line softer, apply eyeliner to the shadows when clearly - after.Dip the brush into the bottle, slide along the edge to remove excess paint.Hold the brush at an angle of 45 degrees, and keep a line from the inner corner of the eye to the outside.Try to apply eyeliner in one motion, as close to the lash line.If it is a little zatechet between the lashes, it's good.Lashes will look thicker.Repeat with the second eye.
liquid eyeliner never applied to the mucous membrane of the lower eyelid, as it not only blurred, but can also cause irritation.Lower eyelid liquid eyeliner sum as well as the top, focusing on the lash line.Before you apply a shadow or mascara, make sure that the eyeliner is completely dry.
To make eyeliner shades you need a special flat brush.Sprinkle it with water and a soft cotton cloth to remove excess liquid.You need a moist, but not wet brush.Dip the brush into the shadow.If the shade of crisp, shake off the excess.Begin to apply eyeliner, as if driving a shade on the lash line.Shadow does not hold the line, and applied them in a few energetic touch.If necessary, move the lower eyelid in the same equipment.Periodically sprinkle brush and then dip it in the shade.Apply eyeliner on the other eye.

Tip 2: How to apply eyeliner

eyes - one of the brightest and most attractive parts of the face.And with a well-chosen and high quality eye makeup can be more expressive.An integral element of eye makeup is, of course, eyeliner.Arrows and lines drawn with the help of a long stick, but the use of eyeliner requires experience and skill.
How to apply eyeliner
purchasing liquid eyeliner , pay attention to its brush.Soft brush allows you to make almost any lines and contours, but to work with it hard enough.The solid brush is easier to use, and if you do not have the skills applying eyeliner, choose just such a brush.
To begin, select a comfortable position so that the elbow hands on something to build.This will save you from the tremor in his hands and will provide an opportunity to draw clear lines.
If you are not well know how to use eyeliner, you should not immediately try outlined, clear line.Make sure that on the brush was too much liquid.Now start painting small touch on the upper eyelid.Try to make them as thin as possible.This technique will allow you to draw the contours of the first and then apply the final arrow.Remember that the line should expand in the direction of the outer corner of the eye.
In no case do not close your eyes while applying eyeliner, because you simply will not see the results.Keep your eyes half-open.Many women pull the lid to make it easier to work with.This method is suitable for drawing with pencil, but for applying eyeliner can not do that, because the line will turn into a harmonica.
During applying eyeliner always keep in readiness a cotton swab soaked in milk for make-up removal.So you can quickly delete a curved line even before the substance is withered, and immediately apply the new arrow.
If you use a liner for the first time, choose brown or smoky gray color.The fact that black eyeliner very "clear" - all of your mistakes would be too obvious.But the use is not very saturated colors will hide all of your error.
If you want to make arrows, applied eyeliner, more expressive, during make-up, use the same shade of color as eyeliner.With the make-up of your eye will become deeper and more mysterious.
Helpful Hint
first learn how to apply eyeliner to the classic makeup and only then proceed to more advanced techniques, such as "cat's eye" and "Smokey Eyes".

use a magnifying mirror to your eyeliner was spotless.
  • Makeup in the style of smoky eyes