you need
  • - access to the Internet;
  • - envelope.
should be clearly understood that the minister is unlikely to read your letter, to work with citizens in the Interior Ministry, there are appropriate services.Nevertheless, the benefits of treatment can be very significant, as your question is sure to take over control, and, upon directives from "above" the local Interior Ministry units more responsible consideration to resolve your problem.
to appeal to the MIA, use of law enforcement portal of the Russian Federation.On the page, select the term you are interested in communications agency, in this case the Ministry of Interior.Read the terms of writing appeals, tick the "I have read and agree with the rules and procedures applying to the Rus
sian Interior Ministry."Click "Create a message."
Use the form that appears in your message, enter your full home address and the data necessary contact details.If you've already applied to some Interior Ministry units with your question, please indicate this in the appropriate section of the form.Then, enter your message text.You can attach it to the documents in the formats PDF, JPEG, TIFF, PNG with a total of no more than 5 megabytes.
If you do not trust the Internet or do not have access to the network, send regular mail to the address: Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation, 119049, Moscow, Russia.Zhitnyaya, 16.
If you want to apply themselves to the reception the Russian Interior Ministry and send a letter to the Registrar or to voice complaints orally, you need to pass on the address: Moscow, Sadovaya-Sukharevskaya, 11 orcall: (495) 667-72-64.
submitting a letter to the Minister of Internal Affairs, consider the complexity of the situation.If you are not in the best relations with the local police, to submit your message from another city.In this case, the risk that the message reaches the recipient, will be minimal.